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A woman's touch in audio: One of the most beautiful turntables in the world: The Judy Spotheim turntable and SPJ arm from Holland. (Steve Rochlin: Ultimate Audio, page 13, august 1997)

While both the Delphi and the Clearaudio are stunners, perhaps the most mesmerising-looking and impressive-sounding turntable at the Show was Judy Spotheim's La-Luce - a crystal cathedral of analogue fabricated from transparent acrylic. George Cardas, no analogue slouch, brought his personal turntable to the Show, so impressed is he with the sound. Spotheim, an Israeli native living in the Netherlands, is a true audio eccentric. (Micheal Fremer: Stereophile vol.20 no. 9, page 71)

Sponsored by The Audio Gallery, a local shop, the Spotheim SpJ turntable and arm - fitted with Cardas Heart cartridge, combined with BAT electronics, Cardas Golden Cross cabling, the mammoth Dunlavy SC-V loudspeakers, Black Diamond Racing Shelves and Cones, and Equi=Tech Balanced Power Conditioners - produced some of the best sound I heard at the Show. (Micheal Fremer: Stereophile vol.20 no. 9, page 73)

The room featuring big Dunlavy SX-V speakers ... and B.A.T. electronics also held the mesmerising SpJ arm and turntable. This vinyl-spinning wonder seemed to beckon to our man Charlie, drawing him like a moth to the glow of a 211 power tube - in fact, we thought we'd lost him. The SpJ table, with its thick, clear acrylic platter, metal cylinders embedded within it like stacks of quarters, was a hypnotic sight. Eventually Charlie stopped staring and staggered, still stunned out. (Lonnie Brownell & Richard Rosen: Stereophile vol.20 no.10, page 71, 73)

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